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1 December, 2011

Setting The Bar For The
Kenya Presidential Debates, 2012

Active participation Francis Wangendo of all citizens in the implementation of Kenya's new Constitution is the surest way to minimize the rampant abuse of power and position in our country. As such, Kenyans in the Diaspora must do whatever it takes to sensitize themselves and others on the salient need for political involvement to hold accountable those who aspire to and finally get elected into any political office. If we desire high-quality leadership, then it is time to get rid of the traditional "hands-off" approach in which we have criticized politicians while we stood aloof as if they were a "special class" beholden with the task of leadership which we often refer to as "dirty politics."

Under the umbrella of The Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA), and within the auspices of the Kenya Presidential Debates initiative, Kenyans in the Diaspora have embarked on the lofty task of entrenching every aspect of the new Constitution that deals with Leadership and Integrity to ensure that every one of the Presidential Contenders will participate in debates to inform the citizens what vision they have for the country and how they intend to make the difference for the better politically, economically, socially and institutionally.

Against this backdrop, it is important to note that, for the first time, the new Constitution introduces the significance of what it means to be a Kenyan citizen - and what duties and responsibilities that role entails.

Generally, we have referred to politics as dirty and cried that politicians are corrupt: but - what have we done to ensure that matters of integrity, proper governance and responsible leadership prevail in our politics?

The time is now. The fact that Kenya's current President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga have managed to govern since 2007 under a power-sharing arrangement that has generally provided checks and balances to minimize excessive corruption makes a lot of sense since it has enabled big steps to be taken in development activities which had hitherto stalled due to excessive indiscipline in key political offices in the country since Independence in 1963.

Kenya Presidential Debates

The next article deals specifically with Chapter 6 of Kenya's new Constitution: Leadership and Integrity - and how those tenets must be hammered into the minds of the presidential contenders and the psyche of Kenya's citizens who must bear the brunt of poor leadership - and must therefore get as intensely involved as would properly oil the cogs of the wheels of politics in our country...

Also, please look out for a press release on the presidential debates from KCA: this series only speaks on the authority of the Kenya Presidential Debates management team.

~ Francis Wangendo
Publicity Manager, KPD ~

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