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Kenya Debates

Kenyan Community Abroad
Kenya Debates is a Diaspora‑driven initiative under the institutional support of the Kenya Community Abroad

The Kenya Debates Institute:
Founding a Vision

This will be a permanent and independent institution that implements debates processes between senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential candidates with every elections cycle. This institute will be pivotal in shifting battles to the mind, and in teaching to engage in spirited debates that seek pragmatic solutions towards building a cohesive nation.

What: Through structured presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial debates Kenya Debates is working to establish an issue-based culture of political dialogue that will identify leaders with integrity and elevate shared values across Kenya's diverse communities. It is upon character and great ideas, fiercely debated and tested, that great nations are founded.

Why: To allow aspiring leaders a platform to sharpen their skills to think critically, analyze a national problem intelligently, propose workable solutions, and inspire the achievement of a national vision.

To shape an electorate that votes in leaders with character, vision and smarts; leaders who will shape and brand Kenya's democratic landscape as a vibrant, responsible and violence-free space.

To build a proposed Kenya Debates Institute charged with ensuring that in future, debating national issues will be an expected part of Kenya's democratic process with every elections cycle.

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